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Smash repairs

Is your car smashed up?
Worried about a botch repair job?
Hate dealing with insurance companies?

You cringe when you look at the damage from the accident. You feel a headache coming on. Dealing with an accident is the last thing you need right now. Life is busy enough. Stressful enough. 

And now you need to contact the insurance company.
Find a repairer.
Get quotes and photos.
Maybe even deal with the cops. Pay for hospital or therapist bills.

You really just want it all to go away. If only you could press rewind and avoid the accident…unfortunately that’s not going to happen.

You hope your car will be fixed as it was before the accident, So you can get back on the road asap and get on with life.

Get back on the road quickly and easily

That’s where we fit in. We want you to have a stress free experience from day 1 - and drive away knowing your car is in top notch condition. Quickly. At a great price.

Our highly trained panel beaters and car sprayers use proven techniques, new genuine parts, and the right equipment to get you back on the road. Back into your life.

Quality repairs from experienced technicians

Expect value for money on all your mechanical repairs. Expect quality parts, fluids and oils. Our wide supplier network means we buy in bulk and pass on the savings to you.

We work to manufacturer specifications and VACC data about:

  • How to repair a specific problem
  • Where to repair
  • What materials to use (OEM standard)
  • What needs to be replaced

As a VACC member, all our mechanics proactively keep updated on all the latest news, techniques, technologies, and standards in the industry.

For example, our team are fully trained to use our nifty inverter spot welder machine - they know the right settings for your make, model, and different metals - so your car will get a flawless weld.

Smash repairs

We do smash repairs for all makes and models of motor cars and commercial cars.

  • Windscreen replacement
  • Car dent repair including paintless dent removal
  • Car scratch repair
  • Bumper repairs
  • Car respray
  • Panel beating
  • Professional low baked oven
  • Panel beating
  • Company fleet management
  • Car scratch removal
  • Auto paint
  • All other repairs and replacements: Brakes, batteries, gears, diffs
  • Fleets
  • Courtesy drop off / pick up, loan car for not-at-fault claims

Where to start

  1. Call us to explain your situation
  2. We will give you advice about:
    • Your rights
    • Standards
    • What you can and can’t do
    • The options available to lodge claim
    • Entitlement to a free replacement car
    • Your claim options
  3. Lodge your claim
  4. Arrange for an inspection and quote
  5. Get your car repaired

Suggestion: Call us before you call your insurance company. We’ll let you know what to expect so you are confident and know your rights when speaking to them. You’ll be less likely to be duped by common scare tactics.

Remember: It’s your car and you have a say in what happens to it.

Repair process

  1. Call us to arrange an inspection
  2. We’ll partially disassemble your car to give you an accurate quote and photos
  3. You book and get approval from insurance company
  4. We order parts
  5. We do the repairs. This includes:
    • Dismantling
    • Repair
    • Painting
    • Reinstall
    • Final inspection
    • Handover

We are independent from any one insurance company

This means you’ll get the highest quality repair possible according to an accurate, competitive quote.

Unrealistic quotes from less reputable panel beaters affects the quality of repairs. We will not compromise your car - and our reputation - by working to an unrealistic fixed dollar amount set by an insurance company. 


Question 1: How long will it take to repair my car?

Call us to arrange your free detailed car inspection so you can plan your time and budget based on an accurate timeline and quote.

Question 2: What types of parts will you use?

New genuine and after-market parts for insurance work. We can source used parts for older cars or source parts overseas if needed.

Question 3: Is your work covered by warranty? For how long?

Yes. All work is covered by a 100% Lifetime Workmanship Warranty. Parts are covered by manufacturer warranties.

Question 4: Can I go in to see my car being repaired?

Yes. Please drop in anytime. Ask us questions and look around. We’ll be happy to show and tell you about the work on your car. And update you on its progress.

Complimentary not-at-fault insurance claim service

Wondering why you need to waste your time dealing with an accident you didn’t cause? You don’t. Let us take care of it for you. For free.

What you can expect

  • Accurate and competitive quotes
  • Fast turnaround 
  • 100% Lifetime Workmanship Guarantee
  • Stress-free repairs and claims

Kilmore Collision Centre is a VACC accredited body repairer.

What fabulous, fast and friendly work and service at Kilmore Collision Centre! After my little red rocket was injured by a wild 'roo, Adam and the team lovingly rebuilt and repaired my car to as-new condition; panels, paint, alignment, and lighting are immaculate, Excellent job by the Kilmore Collision Centre team - I can't recommend them highly enough

Martina Jones