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Car detailing and respray

Whether you’ve had an accident, or would like to restore your car, a quality respray can transform your damaged or old car into a stunner. One that turns heads. A car that will bring you pleasure and pride every time you get behind the wheel.  

Experts in detailing and spraying

Respraying and detailing can be done well. Or very badly.

When prep work is hurried, or sloppy - when the resprayer is lazy or unfamiliar with the paint or techniques:

  • The finish won’t be silky smooth.
  • The paint may be streaky or bumpy.
  • You won’t get the beautiful high level of glossiness your car deserves.

Don’t take the risk. Get your car resprayed by professional and skilled resprayers.

Our resprayers are experienced and continually update their skills and knowledge of best practices in the refinishing industry. 

They are experts on how to operate specialised equipment and tools. They learn how to mix and match paints. They attend workshops and practice how to get the smoothest, glossiest, longest lasting finishes from different brands and types of paints.

The perfect conditions for the perfect finish

We use a low bake oven to create a dust free and stable environment for spraying. It’s kept at a consistent temperature - and keeps harmful paint gases from being released into the environment.

Quality paints and accurate colour match

Only high grade paints are used - paints that have low solvent content for more vibrant colours - and are as hard as enamel.

Do we have paint that exactly matches your car’s original paintwork?

Yes. We work according to manufacturer OEM standards - which means we’ll accurately match your car’s original paint colour. 

Proven techniques

When you get a car resprayed with us, techniques that will guarantee a smooth, rich, long lasting glossy finish will be used from start to finish:

  • Sanding
  • Body filling
  • Priming
  • Colour matching and identification
  • Paint application
  • Polishing

What to expect

  • High gloss level
  • Accurate paint matching
  • Regular servicing oven
  • Paint compliant with all manufacturing OEM standards
  • 100% Lifetime Workmanship Warranty

Workmanship , attitude and customer service are 2nd to none

Peter Struc

Quality work!

- Jason Schulze